Deduction partygame with words

Long duration games

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One of the reasons I really want also online version is that it makes possible “long duration games”. In this game mode you can set even 24 hours for one round, so you have a whole day to find the perfect word. You can think it when you are at a boring meeting, you have enough time to work out the best code. I myself really like thinking about riddles. One thing which needs testing is to find out if it’s good to enable chat or not. In the first version it will be option, you can play with chat or without it. In live games there is a rule: you can’t refer to your word in your talking. We also tried version where it was not restricted, but it decreased the the role of the own words a lot. It was also good, but totally different game, and sometimes we were thinking why we need to write a word at all? So I plan to make the game as flexilbe as possible, so yourself can try out different versions (however there will be recommended settings). We will save game results, and analyze that for future balancing.

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